Year 2009 at the Toll free number « Viols-Femmes-Information » answering service: (2008 is shown for comparison)

The “Collectif Féministe Contre le Viol” (CFCV) is a collective of feminist associations against rape. A group of women from different feminist association, knowing that rapes were committed in public in front of non-reacting witnesses, created CFCV at Paris in 1985.  On March 8, 1986, thanks to the financial support of the women rights Minister, CFCV opened the answering service “Viols Femmes Information” (Rapes – Women –Information) and it has been operating since then, Monday through Friday from 10 am to 7 pm.

Viols-Femmes-Information” answering service offers listening, support, and solidarity to victims and provides them with useful information in particular, about different actions they can follow. Anonymity is the rule.

During its 24 years of existence, this answering service has received the confidential calls of more than 38,200 different victims (sexual assaults or rape)!

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